Pot of Gold

The pot of gold is known to be the place where the mythical leprechaun hides his coins, at a rainbow’s end. The leprechaun is a creature from the Irish folklore, a sort of fairy which appears as an older man, dressed with either a green or a red coat. He usually enjoys creating mischief, making shoes and he is also known for his hiding of coins in that pot of gold we’ve been talking about.

Apparently, if a human captures one of them, he can get three wishes from the leprechaun, so that they’ll be released in exchange. Most tales say that these leprechauns are as tall as small children and they have a hat and a beard. Its name comes from leiprechan, a name of Irish origins, which means sprite, or pigmy. He is often portrayed as working on one shoe.

The leprechaun first appeared in written references in a medieval tale, where the main character wakes up on a beach while three of these leprechauns are trying to dram him in the sea. After he captures them, they give him three wishes, so they will be released in exchange. Apparently this create is a solitary one, which mainly works on shoes, but also loves a practical joke on occasion. Some say that the pots of gold and general wealth of the leprechaun come from the treasures buried by others, which they stole. Others say that he is the spawn of a degenerate fairy and an evil spirit, neither evil or good.

Pot Of GoldWhile the 20th century saw the leprechaun as dressed in green, the Irish color, previously people thought of them as being dressed in red. The trooping fairies which wore green were different from the leprechauns which wore red and were solitary. The jacket of the leprechaun has a total of 49 buttons, seven for each of the seven rows. The clothes worn by these creatures were different from one region to another.

The modern image of the leprechaun shows him with a green hat and a red beard, sitting and working on a shoe.

The small size attributed to this creature seems to have appeared once the Christianity became more important. Previously, they were considered giants.

Most people have a totally different image of the leprechaun than it’s actually depicted in the folklore of the Irish. TV shows and ads have done a lot to create this false image.

The pot of gold of the leprechaun is where he keeps all his fortune. The person that captures one of them can try to get him to reveal the location of the pot of gold. In order to get the pot of gold, the human has to follow certain steps, in the correct way.

In order to get the pot of gold, you first need to find the leprechaun. You will first hear the sound of his hammer, as he works on shoes. Try sneaking up on him and when you’re near, restrain him and don’t let him go. While he’s not very tall, he will still put up a fight, so be prepared. In order to keep him controlled, you need to keep him under observation at all times. If you look away even for just one second he will go away, keeping his pot of gold. In order to get that pot of gold, you need to threaten him until he reveals the location of the treasure. Eventually, if you do everything right, the leprechaun will give you his pot of gold, which is usually located at a rainbow’s end.

Don’t be surprised if the leprechaun wears red clothes and not green when you see him.

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